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3050 miles, denim black, bought new and financed through HD. buying a new house so want to get rid of a few toys, plus work will pick up soon and the bike will most likely sit till next summer.

upgrades consist of:
-sinister ind. "in yo face" exhaust and HD heavy breather air cleaner, installed and tuned by local dealer before it left the show room floor
-daymakers and mutazu headlight bezel
-hells foundry hidden fairing mounts
-progressive shocks
-powdercoated dash and push button gas lid
-BR customs "bagger dragger" bars and "meat hook" engine and bag guards
-Ness mirrors
-A.S.S. reshaped seat and gel inserts installed for both rider and passenger
-HD 4 point docking kit
-HD sissy bar and pad
-ebay knock off stealth rack
stock bars, engine guard, mirrors, dash, shocks included

bike cover and touring service manual included. price is firm, and from my research, it's priced competitive for my area. sorry for the bad pics, should have better ones up tomorrow.


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