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I think many of the ads for these up grades over shoot the actual additional performance you will actually see. I had the stage I kit installed and it did increase the torque and horse power but not to the degree advertised. My test was just a run before and after with no adjustment. My local HD dealer said they couldn't adjust or didn't want to adjust anything due to the weather. I am not a mechanic but was told due to the temps being around zero and the cooling fans at the dealership pull the air in from outside it would throw the calibration off. The engine would be tuned to the air temp and the bike wouldn't run right when it was 75 or 80 outside. Not sure if this is true as like I said I am not a mechanic. I dont have the results handy but thinking they were close to yours on my 2013 RG 103 with the stage I and V&N pipes/power chamber.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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