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Here's my $.02...
I am 6'5" with a 38" inseam. Over the last 2 years I've made the following changes to my bike.
First came the Mustang Super Tourer seat which sets me down 1" and back 2". I figured with my long legs I didn't need to go down any, but it is a very comfortable seat.
Next came the 16" Freedom Shield. I tried a 14" which was OK for me but the wife complained about the wind. I can just see over the top of the 16" and I could finally hear the radio.
I then put on the HD 'Dog Dish', engine guard wind deflectors. Not enough of a change that I really noticed.
I won a set of GADS at the SWIV raffle that have now been added to the set up. I will say that I've noticed less air around my face, my glasses don't bounce as much at times and the wife made the same comment on our ride last Sun. I can still feel the same amount of air on the sides of my head if that makes any sense.
I hope this info helps someone trying to make some of the same decisions.
We take off this Thurs for an 11 day trip. It'll be a good test.
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