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14" Malo bars on '15 FLTRUSE

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I know there are many threads on the topic... I've read them. :grin:

I am still recovering from Christmas, but am looking forward to replacing the stock bars on my '15 CVO Road Glide Ultra with 14" Malos.

The shop is telling me these are the necessary parts. However, in reading many posts & watching a few videos, I've come to doubt that this full list is actually required. Can anyone verify?

14" chrome Malo Bars for 2015 FLTRUSE with heated grips & factory controls (hb1825014c) $450.00
2 12-oz bottles of DOT4 brake fluid (41800219) at $7.95 each = $15.90
Sterling Chromite II hydraulic clutch line, 35º banjo angle, 76" length (1132-0732) $105.95
Twist grip sensor kit (32310-08) $110.95
Sterling Chromite II ABS mid-front brake line (1741-4005) $99.95
Sterling Chromite II ABS lower front brake line kit (1741-4006) $229.95
Sterling Chromite II ABS upper front brake line, banjo angle 35º, size 10mm, (1741-4014) $55.95
Transmission gasket (36805-06) $6.95

Parts Subtotal $1,075.60
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I run 14" Malo's on my 2016 RGU and purchased none of those items. The bars went on fairly easy without additional costly items required. Good Luck...
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