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15 RG A base model as base can be.....

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Whats up everyone , decided to post what im about to do with a 15 RG i picked up in Oct ( My first Harley ) but with my 05 Goldwing that i had for 8 years i made sure the sound of my Music was more IMPORTANT than the bike it self !!!
I love all music that much , so with this bike i knew BASE would be better for me to play around with and with these past few brutal months here in NY thats what Ive been doing..........PLAYING WITH MY BABY......

so i started pulling that oem headunit , couldnt enter another bike season with it. Im placing a Power Acousik PD 931NB, 9 inch fully touch screen, navi, blue tooth, dvd & rear camera, alot of what i wanted. Along with that i added a Rockfords Fosgate PBR 300X4, Front speakers RF KS60 ( not a perfect fit but i made it work ), rear speakers on BOOM HD lids i bought and removed those harley speakers with RF KS68. Also in the new bags i added there will be in each bag a KICKER 12PX100.2 they will be for the woofers KICKER compRT672. So far i just had the front speakers on and had music from my cell bluetoothed to the new headunit and had a smile on my face but with everything done to a bike , you really dont know to you get on the road and try it out. So with that said i will see how it plays out and try to post when i can
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Looking good MM. I look forward to seeing a pic of it back together.
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