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...........Im looking to find out if this current recall for the clutch master cylinder on the 15 RG has them replacing part # 21 on this Fairing model 15 RG diagram....

Is this the new part & number Part # 37200096 REPAIR KIT master cylinder, w/ 11143 & 41751-06A | FCM/KBM/KDM/KEL/KFL/KHM/KKL/KRM/KSL/KTM $74.70

The reason why im asking is my bike has been sitting for about 5 months due to winter & a custom paint job , i do all my own work (except engine work) & honestly i have a trust issue with anyone working on my bike and or car . Ive rebuilt clutch master cylinders before and if this is the issue i doubt they will see me for this ! So im looking to see if this is what this recall is all about......... Thanks in advance
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