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Decided to build an amp mount for the RF PBR300X2. I've read heavy duty Velcro will hold it, but for its size, it's a bit heavy. There are round threaded weld bungs on either side where the amp mounts under the radio with a bit of the bolt threads that holds down the radio showing. These are 1/4-20. I replaced these with longer bolts. I drilled the holes for the mount so they would fit over the weld bung. I mounted the amp to the plate I made, then a fender washer and nut on the threads sticking through. I also mounted the amp with the adjustments pointing toward the front so after the flash, or when trying different speakers, the amp won't need removed. I positioned the amp so there is plenty of room for the power and speaker plugs on the back side, and have enough slack to plug in while installing. No interference from the headlight, and it's really solid. I used a chunk of aluminum plate I had laying around. Just a different option if Velcro isn't something you want to do.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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