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15's and 16's Who else has a gap between their inner and outer fairing?

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I've had my 15' Road Glide Special since September. A couple of months ago I noticed a 1/4 inch gap between the inner fairing (side that faces the rider) and the outer fairing. It's only on the right side and starts about where the windshield comes down. I've attached pictures. The first is what the left side looks like which is normal, and the right side which has the gap. Myself and another rider on this forum have taken our bikes to the dealer and as of now there isn't a fix. Both our dealers have put calls into Harley. According to my dealer there are a ton of Road Glides with this issue. In fact my dealer stated that nearly everyone of the Road Glides they've gotten have the issue. I'm trying to see how prevalent the issue actually is and if anyone has a fix for it or knows a dealer that does. I would imagine that if it's as prevalent as my dealer says it is, that a recall will be coming. I also think it's easy for the average rider to miss the issue if they don't look for it. I'd suggest everybody check your fairings.


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I have it too on my 16. But mine is on the left side
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