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1982 mid year flt

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hey everyone, i recently purchased a flt 1982 t.g., lots of questions, the rear cylinder had cracked completely around, upon disassembly i have found that the previous owner had installed wiseco .040 over pistons, all machine work tolerances are good, i cant figure out why the cylinder cracked, other questions like the front end. it has the 1982 brass h.d. emblem in front fender , but no flt insignia at the bottom chrome cover, it has the true dual exhasut pipes, 5 speed,rubber mt, but no fairing, it has air suspension on rear, has all the trim and king of the higway pckg. looking up the numbers on engine i found that this model is a mid year so i dont know if i have a cut up t.g. or a unique mid year pckg. check out the pics, any info appreciated


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how about a pic of the gauges? The FLH aluminum headlight surround is way cool.
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