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2000 tripple red screaming eagle new factory painted parts

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2000 tripple red screaming eagle new factory painted parts $2000 picked up before end

My 2000 Screaming Eagle road glide was stolen 6 months ago and I no longer have a need for these parts. You can no longer buy these from Harley (discontinued) and at a 20% discount I still paid close to $4000 ($3880 I think). My loss your gain, I have everything except the front and rear fenders, lowers, and chopped tour pack. All these parts are single color and can be bought today or at least painted. I do not want to ship but will consider it but it would probably be close to $500. I am open to suggestions? I am willing to drive a tank of gas to meet someone half way (about 400 miles) but that would take a non refundable $1000 deposit. All these parts are still in the original boxes as shipped from Harley and only removed for pictures.

First $2000 gets it all. I am located in southeast Mass this is Picked up in Brockton MA before 1/1/2019

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Even with the mileage on my bike my factory paint was near mint. I had the bike for 15 years and planned on keeping it forever. That didn't happen. For the right person these are a steal but i'm trying to buy a replacement and the insurance company really shortchanged me. 6 months to get 75%?!
CAUTION! 6 post, doesn't want to ship, $1000 non refundable deposit to meet you with parts and that only if he drives as far as 1 tank of gas will takes him (is that one way or round trip). :rolleyes:
Caution? I've been a member since 2012 and am known on many forums under the same user name with great feedback everywhere including ebay. The only reason Im saying non refundable deposit is I don't want to drive up to 400 miles one way, 8 hours one way to have someone not show up or change their mind. I would prefer to sell locally so the buyer can see the parts and anyone seriously intereste will buy after seeing the parts. They ARE brand new. Anyone interested I will give my phone number and full name. They can do a search on my other forums or run my name with the police for all I care. I have no criminal record and nothing to hide. If someone from far away is interested if they can find anyone locally they can have the parts checked out before proceeding. I'll bring the parts to a dealership and they can have the dealership ship the items if they want. But I understand why someone would be concerned in this day and age.

They are also listed on craigslist, HDForums under the same username, and also the CVO Forum under Alien. Feel free to PM me for any information!!

Due to the size of the boxes shipping would probably be about $500. I would ship but prefer local sale. I'm trying to be accommodating!
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This is what these parts would cost if you could get them. These are discounted prices also.

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The cost of primed parts are this much. Turn your 2000-2006 road glide into a screaming eagle. Never see these bikes anymore!!
Still available, shiny new old stock. No longer available!!
Lowest I would go would be $2500 plus actual shipping.
I can't believe these have not sold.
The best looking paint other than vivid black, that I've seen.
If I didn't have a Rushmore I'd get them.
I wouldn't doubt there is someone out there that would pay full price but we just haven't met yet (I hope). I haven't tried ebay as I hate dealing with them and would rather sell to a forum member who would appreciate a great deal?
Wouldn't fit 2007?
I believe everything fits except the gas tank. Not sure what the difference is but its the only part with a different part number. Still Delphi and I'm sure someone could figure it out and make it work?

Anything is possible, I installed a 2002 Delphi fuel injection on a 2000 Magnetti Marelli bike.
Happy Thanksgiving, still available

I would be willing to give a good deal on the paint, seat, chrome, headlight!!
Painted parts, headlight, seat. Buy one or all. I would give a great deal to someone local but will ship at buyers expense. Look at the pictures these pieces new primed would cost this much.
Still for sale. Someone can use these
I had Dan Thayer build me a plug and play harness. Used the 2002 Delphi in tank pump, fuel fitting, and external fuel line to the fuel rail. I used an HPI throttle body and a stock ECM flashed to a 2002 VIN#. I then used a screaming eagle race tuner to dial it all in. Worth every penny and started, ran, idled, and accelerated better than it ever had.

I have a bunch of those parts kicking around. Give you a great deal on everything.

Painted parts, seat, Delphi EFI parts???
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