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2000 tripple red screaming eagle new factory painted parts

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2000 tripple red screaming eagle new factory painted parts $2000 picked up before end

My 2000 Screaming Eagle road glide was stolen 6 months ago and I no longer have a need for these parts. You can no longer buy these from Harley (discontinued) and at a 20% discount I still paid close to $4000 ($3880 I think). My loss your gain, I have everything except the front and rear fenders, lowers, and chopped tour pack. All these parts are single color and can be bought today or at least painted. I do not want to ship but will consider it but it would probably be close to $500. I am open to suggestions? I am willing to drive a tank of gas to meet someone half way (about 400 miles) but that would take a non refundable $1000 deposit. All these parts are still in the original boxes as shipped from Harley and only removed for pictures.

First $2000 gets it all. I am located in southeast Mass this is Picked up in Brockton MA before 1/1/2019

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$2000 picked up, no shipping. It is 5 large boxes and would cost about $500 to ship and due to injuries I can't be lifting and carrying all these boxes only to have parts damaged in shipping!

They are getting more than I am asking for take off and primed parts. I will add a correct color tour pack lid, the correct screaming eagle passenger back rest, the quick detach tour pack rack, the plastic covers for the side of the detachable tour pack rack, a Euro headlight assembly, the bubble cover for the headlight assembly, and a bunch of the rubber trims and gaskets.
41 - 42 of 42 Posts