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Okay so I have an '01 RG with the dreaded Magneti Marelli fuel injection system, which up until yesterday worked just fine for me. It seems as though I may have a cracked fuel line inside the tank causing a drop in fuel pressure, resulting in bike dying at idle and backfiring due to fuel starvation.

I've used the Ronnies parts finder and determined that 2001 did not use the same parts as any other year, so if anyone has done the FI to carb mod and has these fuel lines I'm lookin' for 2 of them. Not 1 dealer in Ca has any and PCpain is about 2 weeks before I would get them. Part # 62142-01

I'm also considering the carb conversion, but I pretty much blew my budget this past winter. If anybody has a deal on an HSR45 I may be interested.

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