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Hello fellow gliders
I have my 03 anniversary glide up for sale
cold air by figure machine
10" yaffe oem monkeys
shortly windshield off 2013
headlight and bezel off 2013
21" hogpro. Panther on front only with matching rotors
2014 CVO slips with baffles cut out
other than these small things the engine is BONE STOCK
cam tensioners replaced about 7 k miles ago have paperwork
from harley when they did them
painted inner fairing solo seat
original anniversary 2 up and clear windshield go with it
Kuryakyn engine guard, highway pegs and spike grips. Lowered rear 2" with burly
new rear tire in may last yr when I installed new wheel and
Metzler front tire. Rear is harley Dunlop
looks and rides like a dream . Always recieve compliments and
thumbs up
35,900 miles

Starting price at 12,500 on price .but cash talks. Not go I to give her away
Rare and I challenge one to fine one cleaner
meticulously maintained and cared for
washed waxed polished by hand .
only issue is small 3" blemish on top of left bag lid
and she needs a pair of speakers. Radio head unit checked
out fine at dealership. Speakers are bad.

Please email me and I can send all info and plenty of pictures
I am located in san antonio tx . [email protected] thank you

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I wish I could I am posting from my phone I cannot figure out
how to. Can I email them to you and you post them for me. I sure
would appreciate it

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"Rare and I challenge one to fine one cleaner" brag brag.. challange taken for a bike that's not been ridden, what dealership are you at!
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