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Hello. RG world, I am new to this forum but excited to have an 04 RG, I have disassembled my entire front end and really interested in changing my old HD radio out to an aftermarket weather proof radio. I have choosen to use the Bagger Nation Rockford Fosgate; Media Center. Looks really cool and weather proof as i ride in the rain all the time in the Maryland area.

I want to use the new Rokker XT 7.25 speaker kit for my stock fairing, but before i shell out the 260 bucks for the front speakers i want to know that this kit will fit in my 04. the website says 06 - currently. but maybe because the promote this system as a plug and play with the existinng Harmon Kardon wires. I realize i am going to have to rewire the audio anyway because of the aftermarket radio. But will these speakers fit in the stock fairing speaker holes?

Then i plan to install 6.25 into the inside walls of my front fairing. I was considereing using the JL audio marine grade speaker -which is $150 a pair. and both these pair of speakers will run off one amp, Rockford Fosgate 300x4.
Inside my rear bags will be the Rokker 7" sub kit, and my lids will be the J&M Rokker XT lid kit which include the 7.25 speakers. The rear end of the bike will be on a speaker switch which will allow me to cut my rear end audio on an off. I will be installing the Rokker 500 amp to run both my 7" Rokker sub and the J&M 7.25 lid kit.
Any one have any experience with this, particularly the 7.25 in my front fairing.....i need help before i purchase??????????? THANKS
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