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2004 fltri rear wheel

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I just bought an 04 road glide that needed a new rear wheel because the bike was rear ended. I ordered a softtail wheel prematurely thinking that I could make it work. I put in 1" bearings and mounted the rim on the bike without the tire, pulley, or brake disk and it looked like it would work so I went to harley and had them mount the tire and put a tube in. When I got home I put the pulley and brake disk on and tried to mount it without spacers. Then I saw that it wasn't gonna fit. I'm on a tight budget so I would like to know what years/model wheels will fit an 04 glide?

Thanks in advance for any insight,
Matt in Boston
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I already PM'd you about the street glide wheels before I saw this, but I still have my stock wagon wheels if you want those.
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