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2004 fltri rear wheel

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I just bought an 04 road glide that needed a new rear wheel because the bike was rear ended. I ordered a softtail wheel prematurely thinking that I could make it work. I put in 1" bearings and mounted the rim on the bike without the tire, pulley, or brake disk and it looked like it would work so I went to harley and had them mount the tire and put a tube in. When I got home I put the pulley and brake disk on and tried to mount it without spacers. Then I saw that it wasn't gonna fit. I'm on a tight budget so I would like to know what years/model wheels will fit an 04 glide?

Thanks in advance for any insight,
Matt in Boston
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IIRC Any of the touring bikes' wheels from 2002-2007 should work. ABS wheels use a 25mm bearing instead of the 1" and will not work. Is it a wagon wheel?

If the bike was rear-ended hard enough to damage the wheel I'd be VERY concerned about the integrity of the swingarm and the alignment.
No way to tell by eye. I'd honestly replace it just to be on the safe side. The only way I'd trust it would be to pull it, measure it, and magnaflux it. Not worth taking the chance IMO.
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