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06 2-tone fuel injected 88 with tuner, hi-flow air filter and V&H big shot staggered pipes. Basically everything is chrome except the swing arm. I mean everything, master cylinders front and rear, wheels, rotors, braided lines, skull theme in bike, forks etc...

Just over 9,000 miles. Paint is black and maroon, has a small chip on bottom of rear fender, could be touched up or put a fender tip on it. Small scratch on tank, not deep, may be able to buff out, it's light.

Tires and brakes are newer, rode 300 miles in 2012 & 5 miles this year, bike isn't being used since I got my Road Glide....needs a new home!

Detachable windshield and many extras... PM me with your email or cell phone and I'll get your more pictures if you need them.



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