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I'm reluctantly putting my Road Glide up for sale. It's a 2009 with ABS and Cruise and Security. It's got quite a bit into it. Don't know how to post pics but here's a link so you get the idea.

Work done includes:

Rhinehart Slip On's
Ness Big Sucker
Stylin Products Ghettos internally wired
PM Grips
Painted inner fairing (nice job!)
All braided lines
Hogtunes speakers
Horn Relocated
Harley edge cut Heel/toe, shifter pegs, floorboard inserts
C&C flame stitched solo seat with matching removable Pass Pillion
Quick detach backrest and luggage rack
Ness Mirrors
8" Klock Works

A lot of black powdercoat including:
Entire Front End
Bag Latches
Crash Bar
Driver and Pass. Floorboard Pans
Air Cleaner Cover
Bag Supports

There is a lot of other little things done like smoked lenses, short antenna, push button gas cap, upgraded fork oil, etc, I can't name every little detail. Bike has a little bit over 7,000 miles. All work done by a professional friend of mine. The bike is pretty much mint other than a scratch on the tank, a few light scratches (buffable) on top of the bags, and for some reason the "track up" button on the bar doesn't work since the new bar install. Haven't bothered to fix it because it doesn't bother me. I will have the bike professionally detailed by my guy before the sale. Nice bike I'm looking to get $18,500 for it, but willing to negotiate a bit. Bike is located in NH. Any questions, my email is [email protected] or [email protected] Thank You, Ryan

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Hi Guys,

I just read the sticky about posting only in the classifieds. I've been reading the site for over a year now, I'm just not much of a poster. Sorry, not trying to break any rules, just another motorcycling enthusiast with a bike that some of you may be interested in. I hope you don't, but if you want to take my post down, I understand. Also, If anybody wants to take those pictures from the Craigslist Ad and post them I'd greatly appreiate it.

Thanks Again,
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