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Selling the 2010 to get a 2015.

This bike is amazing and rides like a dream, but its time to start a new project.

Asking $26000 or best offer.

What does it have:

Colorado custom 23 inch front wheel
BLB front fender
HHI Triple Trees
Lowered in the front
Blacked out front forks
Air ride in the rear
Extended bags, fender and side panels
LED engine lights
Led Rear running lights
Freedom Exhaust
Mapped by Freedom
Custom seat
Custom bars

Billet add on's by precision billet:
Air filter
Toe shifter
Brake lever
tank dash insert
fuel door
ignition switch cover
bag latches
upper and lower master cylinder covers
shift linkage
and a few other parts

This bike has just under 18000 miles on it and has a clear title.
It is also the Arizona baddest bagger modify class winner of 2014

I love this bike but like i said its time to start a new one.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



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