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These are the DTC code for the 2010 models

B0562-Battery voltage low
B0563-Battery voltage high
B1004-Fuel level sending unit low
B1005-Fuel level sending unit high/open
B1006-Accessory line overvoltage
B1007-Ignition line overvoltage
B1008-Trip odometer reset switch closed
B1121-Left turn output fault
B1122-Right turn output fault
B1123-Left turn signal short to ground
B1124-Right turn signal short to ground
B1125-Left turn signal short to voltage
B1126-Right turn signal short to voltage
B1131-Alarm output low
B1132-Alarm output high
B1134-Starter relay output high
B1135-Accelerometer fault
B1136-Accelerometer tip-over self test fault
B1141-Ignition switch open/low
B1142-Internal fault
B1143-Security antenna short to ground
B1144-Security antenna short to battery
B1145-Security antenna open
B1151-Sidecar BAS short to ground
B1152-Sidecar BAS short to battery
B1153-Sidecar BAS out of range
B1154-Clutch switch short to ground
B1155-Neutral switch short to ground
C0562-System voltage low
C0563-System voltage high
C1014-ECU internal solid state relay fault
C1017-Pump motor power circuit open fault
C1018-Pump motor ground high resistance fault
C1021-Front wheel speed sensor always equals
C1023-Rear wheel speed sensor always equals
C1025-Front wheel speed sensor signal intermittent
C1027-Rear wheel speed sensor signal intermittent
C1032-Front wheel speed sensor circuit open/shorted
C1034-Rear wheel speed sensor circuit open/shorted
C1042-Pump motor open
C1043-Pump motor stalled
C1055-ECU internal fault
C1056-ECU internal fault solid state relay shorted ON
C1057-ECU internal fault solid state relay shorted to ground
C1061-ECU internal fault front apply solenoid
C1062-ECU internal fault front release solenoid
C1065-ECU internal fault rear apply solenoid
C1066-ECU internal fault rear release solenoid
C1094-Front brake switch always on
C1095-Front brake switch open
C1118-ECU internal fault front apply solenoid correlation
C1121-ECU internal fault rear apply solenoid correlation
C1151-Front wheel ABS release too long
C1153-Rear wheel ABS release too long
C1158-Calibration programming required
C1206-Front wheel speed sensor frequency out of range
C1208-Rear wheel speed sensor frequency out of range
C1212-Front or rear brake not applied with decel
C1214-Rear brake switch always on
P0031-02 heater low/open
P0032-02 heater high/shorted
P0106-MAP sensor rate of range error
P0107-MAP sensor low/open
P0108-MAP sensor high
P0112-IAT sensor low voltage
P0113-IAT sensor voltage high/open
P0117-ET sensor voltage low
P0118-ET sensor voltage high/open
P0120-Throttle position sensor 1 range error
P0122-TP sensor low/open
P0123-TP sensor high
P0131-Front 02 sensor low (lean)
P0132-Front 02 sensor high (rich)
P0134-Front 02 sensor open/not responding
P0151-Rear 02 sensor low (lean)
P0152-Rear 02 sensor high (rich)
P0154-Rear 02 sensor open/not responding
P0220-Throttle position sensor 2 range error
P0222-Throttle position sensor 2 low/open
P0223-Throttle position sensor 2 high
P0261-Front injector low/open
P0262-Front injector high
P0263-Rear injector low/open
P0264-Rear injector high
P0373-CKP sensor intermittent
P0374-CKP sensor synch error
P0444-Purge control low/open
P0445-Purge control high
P0501-VSS low
P0502-VSS high/open
P0505-Loss of idle speed control
P0562-Battery voltage low
P0563-Battery voltage high
P0572-Brake switch low
P0577-Cruise control input high
P0602-Calibration memory error
P0603-ECM EEPROM error
P0604-RAM failure
P0605-ECM flash error
P0607-Converter error
P0641-5V ref 1 out of range
P0651-5V ref 2 out of range
P0661-Intake solenoid low/open
P0662-Intake solenoid high/shorted
P1001-System relay coil low/open
P1002-System relay coil high/shorted
P1003-System relay contacts open
P1004-System relay contacts closed
P1009-Incorrect password
P1010-Missing password
P1270-Twistgrip position sensor 2 A/D validation error
P1351-Front ignition coil low/open
P1352-Front ignition coil high/shorted
P1353-Front cylinder no combustion
P1354-Rear ignition coil low/open
P1355-Rear ignition coil high/shorted
P1356-Rear cylinder no combustion
P1357-Intermittent secondary front
P1358-Intermittent secondary rear
P1475-Exhaust position actuation error
P1477-Exhaust actuator low/open
P1478-Exhaust actuator high/shorted
P1501-JSS low
P1502-JSS high
P1510-Throttle actuator control limited performance
P1511-Throttle actuator limited power management mode
P1512-Throttle actuator control forced idle mode
P1514-Throttle actuator control system airflow fault
P1600-TCA module internal fault
P1655-ACR solenoid low
P1656-ACR solenoid high
P2100-Throttle actuator control motor circuit open
P2101-Throttle actuator control motor circuit range error
P2102-Throttle actuator control motor circuit low
P2103-Throttle actuator control motor circuit high
P2105-Throttle actuator control system forced engine shutdown
P2107-Throttle actuator control module processor
P2119-Throttle actuator control system throttle return error
P2122-Twistgrip position sensor 1 low/open
P2123-Twistgrip position sensor 1 high
P2127-Twistgrip position sensor 2 low/open
P2128-Twistgrip position sensor 2 high
P2135-Throttle position sensor correlation error
P2138-Twistgrip position sensor correlation error
P2176-Throttle actuator control system closed position not learned
U1016-Loss of ECM serial data
U1040-Loss of ABS serial data
U1064-Los of TSM/TSSM/HFSM serial data
U1097-Loss of speedometer serial data
U1255-Missing response at module
U1300-Serial data low
U1301-Serial data high/open

Radio Diagnostics
The radio DTC are retrieved through the radio and displayed on the radio display.

1. Press eject button to remove CD from unit
2. While pressing and holding any two (2) softkeys (buttons 1-6) , turn the ignition switch "ON" until radio diagnostic display appears

B0563-Battery voltage high
B2006-Radio switch stuck or open
B2007-Handlebar switch high/shorted
B2008-Handlebar switch low/shorted
B2009-Handlebar switch stuck or open
B2010-Passenger switch high/shorted
B2011-Passenger switch low/shorted
B2012-Passenger switch stuck or open
B2016-Front speakers shorted
B2017-Front speakers open
B2018-Front speakers shorted to ground
B2019-Front speakers shorted to battery
B2020-Rear speakers shorted
B2021-Rear speakers open
B2022-Rear speakers shorted to ground
B2023-Rear speakers shorted to battery

ATS=Air Temp Sensor
BAS=Bank Angle Sensor
CCM=Cruise Control Module
CKP=Crank Position Sensor
ECM=Electronic Control Module
ECU=Electronics Control Unit
EFI=Electronic Fuel Injection
JSS=Jiffy Stand Sensor
MAP=Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor
HFSM=Hands Free Security Module
TSM/TSSM=Turn Signal/Turn Signal Security Module
VSS=Vehicle Speed Sensor
WSS=Wheel Speed Sensor
ACR=Automatic Compression Release
TCA=Throttle Control Actuator
IAT=Intake Air Temp sensor
ET=Engine Temp sensor
IAT=Intake Air Temp Sensor
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Great info! I think a sticky is in order. :)

Or maybe just add the info to the other codes post.
I agree! All the DTC codes that are posted in this section should be a Sticky.

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Let me know, pm if possible thanks
Hey Frodoe, Just a tip bud, You can highlight copy and paste most anything on this site. I copy and paste all this stuff to word documents, print one for the manual and keep the documents both on pc and phone for later use if needed.

copy past:

position mouse pointer at the first letter of the information to "copy"> hold left mouse button down> using the mouse, drag the pointer down the page until all of what you want is highlighted> release left mouse button> right click mouse> select "copy"> open Microsoft Word (or other word processor)> right mouse click> select "paste"

WhaLa you have it, I'm guessing you already knew how to do this , but some will find this information usefull



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Are these the same codes for 2011 models also? Just asking, and if not can where can you find these?

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Now, how do you retrieve codes if you don't have a stock radio? My eng light just came on last night. Naturally after HD had it.

POS dealer. Derby cover screws stripped (torx part) because they were in so flippin tight. 3 broke free, 2 stripped. Called HD, they pick up the bike, and then charge my $92 to fix their mess up. Said I used wrong tool....Hey jackasses....I've done my own services since I've owned the bike....I think I know what a T-27 torx bit looks like!

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Read the sticky in the troubleshooting section {How to find your Diagnostic Trouble Codes} all the info is posted there.

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Same question. Are the DTCs the same for '11s and '12s?
As far as I know the 2011 and 2012 models codes are the same as the 2010 model codes.
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