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2010 FLTRX: Anyone have D&D 2-1 Fat Cat system

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I have been looking at the D&D exhaust. Wondering if anyone has the 2-1 Fat Cat or even the Boss slip on. The website has the dyno info on the Fat Cat but not the slip on with the OEM head pipe. It also says no tuner needed.
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what windshield did you go with and how does it work for you?
Klockwerks Shield

i am 5'11" and looking at different shield and of course hear good and bad of them all. would like to chat about your experience with yours as it is one i have the most interest in. would you be available some time to discuss your experience with the 12" KlockWerks. like yourself i don't care to have one to look through but would like to cut down on the wind noise to make it easier to hear the radio as well as have some protection
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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