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2010 FLTRX: Anyone have D&D 2-1 Fat Cat system

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I have been looking at the D&D exhaust. Wondering if anyone has the 2-1 Fat Cat or even the Boss slip on. The website has the dyno info on the Fat Cat but not the slip on with the OEM head pipe. It also says no tuner needed.
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I have the D&D slip on mounted to the factory head pipe on my 2010 FLTRX. With the CAT exhaust, the D&D was quieter than I wanted, so I removed the baffle. Perfect! Nice low tone, plenty of sound, but still quiet enough to enjoy the Marshall Tucker band on the stereo. I added the H-D black heat shields, and the D&D looks great, sounds great, and performs very well. I added the H-D Screamin' Eagle air cleaner, and a Stage 1 re-program.

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I was prepared to cut them, because they will not work with the factory muffler. However, with the D&D they fit perfectly, no trimming required.

As you can see in this picture, the D&D is rather blunt in front, instead of the long taper on the H-D muffler.

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If you would like to hear it, send me an email with a telephone number, and I will call and let you hear her run. With the baffle removed, it sounds about right with the factory CAT.

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12 inch Clock Werks. I really like it. I cannot stand to look through a windshield, and I can see over the top on this one.
I am also 5'11, or at least I used to be. We get shorter as we age, and I am 51 now. Came upon me all of a sudden. Anyway, I don't know how to do the online chat thing. I don't type fast enough to keep up. Email or call me if you like.

[email protected]

If your Harley dealer is like mine, he will let you try out a windshield before buying.
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