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2010 FLTRX vivid black 12,000 mi.
103" twin cam
Heads by John Sachs Race Bikes
1.900 Intake valve.
1.615 Exhaust valve.
cylinder heads cc'd 82.3 cc's
0.040 cometic head gasket.
0.033 squish
Pistons, CP Forged Flat Tops.
Andrews tw55 cams.
CCP 190 @ 500 feet above sea level.
New Screaming Eagle compensator.
New style Gaterman lifters
HPI 53.5 Thottle Body, Zippers Max flow AC.
Ness Throttle Body backing plate, bored to 53.5 and vented to atmosphere.
Breathers updated to new 2013 stamped version
(Revolution Performance crank), trued, welded, balanced. Run out is .0008, Timken bearing conversion.
Supertrapp (supermeg) exhaust 1-closed end cap, 3 open end caps (1.5,1.75",2")
TTS mastertune tuner. Dyno tuned at Roeders Racing.
30 tooth baker trans pully, Falcon 138 tooth belt.
14" wind vest winsheild.
AIM, lock up clutch.

Over $30,000 invested, asking price.......$19,800


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Nice, bike should sell fast, what were the dyno numbers?

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