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I thought I'd give the members first crack at my bike. Been thinking about this for a long time. Believe I'm giving up riding for now, too many close calls in the last 2 years and having put the bike sideways twice this past Sunday because of stupid cages, this was just too much for me.

Asking $17000 OBRO

Please bear with me as the list of accessories and changes is somewhat lengthy:

2010 FLTRX
Color - Black Denim
Pinstripes - gloss black
Miles - 35176
motor 96"
Cams - Tman 555 torquester
pipes - Fuel Moto 2 into 1 with 3.5" rinehart slip-on
PCV and auto tuner
Rims - HD contrast cut Agitiators
Klockwerks wrapper front fender
Yaffee yaxle (front axle)
Blacked out lowers and uppers
Chainsaw's Mean Mug
Black daymaker headlamp
Madd Stadd shields both the 13" and 16"
Herizon adjustable Helibars
RWD Convex mirrors
2" forward shift pedal and 2" forward brake pedal
Lots of Chrome on the engine
Mean City Cycles modified seat and driver backrest (shaved, gel and gator inserts)
Precision Billets bag latches
Cyclesmith banana boards with matching cyclesmith brake pad and shifter
Cyclesmith contrast bag extensions (gloss black)
Many other small accessories

PM me if interested, I'm in North Carolina.


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