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2010 Road Glide Custom owners - let's show & track our mods

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OK... first off, so far all I've done is a Mustang solo seat with rider backrest and separate Mustang passenger seat w/H-D sissy bar.

Here's the stock bike:

Here's the Mustang seating:

I love these seats... they are fantastic and the ability to quickly and easily change from solo to two-up is great. On my Road King Custom I had a Sundowner... in hind sight I would have gone with this Mustang separate set-up for sure.

I plan to have a SE 103 Big Bore Stage 1 kit installed with D&D 2-into-1 full exhaust (ditching the cats), with SEST tuned via dynotuning. Hopefully I will get this done in the next two or three weeks.

I have also ordered this Mini Beast 5 air horn to enable a bold, authoritative BLAST when needed:

Yet to be determined:

• Windscreen (I would like just high enough to minimize head buffeting)
• Handle bars (I would like an inch or two closer to me)

SO... please share your 2010 RG and mods!
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VERY NICE :eek::eek:

HOW do you like those TWEETER speakers??
DAXX it Chainsaw

Ok, Chainsaw ya really need to stop addin cool mods to the ride dude. I am sooo confused on what to do next. Those are some cool lookin guages. I am thinkin they would look really good in a vivid black painted inner faring. hmmmm.
By the way, what speakers are you running with the tweeter pod? Another upgrade to the sound system is on the list as well. I have the J and M 7.25's in front, but it' s not quite enough. Thinking of upgrading to the 250W amp with some new tour pak speakers as well.

Keep up the good work. Awesome mods. Tail lights fell off... lmao...
VERY NICE :eek::eek:

HOW do you like those TWEETER speakers??
They are so-so,. not worth the money in my opinion. My advice, save your money and just get the J&M 7.25's. If you already have the 7.25's,.. then don't waste your money because you can't hear them anyway. They were an improvement with the stock speakers, but now don't do much for me.

Rowdy,.. running the J&Ms as well. I will eventually go with the amp as well just to really be rocking. I like the 7.25's as is, and good enough for me since I don't wear a helmet. Even guys riding behind me can hear my jams,.. but I'd like the guys 2 or 3 bikes behind me to hear my tunes as well :p
Thanks Chain

I am thinking the J and M's are going to be the ticket, just need a liiiiiitle more sound. Hell, I could be saving my buddy's hearing. If he is jamming to my tunes, he can drop the ear buds and Ipod... lol...
I got the JMs and hear them great with my full helmet. I would say they are 50% louder
than stock. Make sure to give DRV a call for the best price :)
Not a problem. 2010 is the first year for them, they are what came on the Ultra Limited's. The first time I saw them I loved 'em. Gizmoglide on here was the first one I know of to put them in, and once I saw them on his bike that set it in stone,.. had to have a set. They are on the Harley-Davidson accessories site.
Thanks, Iwill have to check that out.
Looking good man, how ya like the Yaffe's?
Looking good man, how ya like the Yaffe's?
Thanks Chain! So far I really like the look and feel of the Yaffes ... I should have more feedback after this weekend! ;)
4-point quick detatch dock
passenger backrest for quick release dock
Powerlet power outlet (fits the plug on my elec vest and gloves)
long stem mirrors - same as stock style
Sundowner sear with streetglide stitching
passenger grabrails
black #1 timer and derby covers / chrome bolts
keyless gas door button
Jackpot 2-1 header
Screamin' Eagle Nightstick
Screamin' Eagle stage 1 intake
Shellie's Lowers (soft lowers, but made in USA unlike the moco's)

I tried a 10" windscreen, but have gone back to stock.
I have some mods to the stereo, but it's not workin' right now. Will post up when it's all sorted.
I also have some highway pegs to install - IMT Jack Knifes.
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Here is the new Screaming Eagle Slip on for the new 2010 RG and SG. First one in my area to get one. They are only 250.00 and do sound better than the original pipe. I'm thinking I still want louder though. :D

Video is here
thanks for sharing the video. i just ordered the black version. sounds good enough for me.
Little detail that may go un-noticed but I couldn't just leave it chrome, the thumb screw for the seat comes chrome with the logo disc (peel and stick) in the parts bag so it made for an easy paint proses:

Black is the new chrome!
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