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Hello my fellow members I am selling my personal road glide.
list of additions to the bike

Drago bike works 107 kit with thundermax tuner
23" front wheel and proper rake kit
skull face guages with radio color match leds
Arc Audio mpack 4 amp kit
Paul Yaffe stretched tank
Custom in house seat
passenger seat back
cvo style rear shocks
progressive monotube front shocks
cyclesmiths floorboards and matching brake pedal
cvo modified windshield with hidden turn signal lights
Yaffe 10" monkey bars
factory bag extensions
cvo style rear lights with extended fender
and last a bike lift with side extensions

I am asking 17500 for all of this, the bike has approx 9k on it and 2500 on the 107 kit. Thank you
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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