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I posted the dyno results (137HP/146TQ) in the dyno section of the forum. Below is a complete build description:

Hyperformance/R&R 124 Short Block w/ CP Pistons, H-Beam rods & Timken 10.74:1
T-Man 590 Cams, Cometic .030 head gaskets
Dan Thayer 3 Stage Oil Pump
S&S Premium High Performance Lifters with HL2T
SE billet cam plate w/ Axtell Oil Bypass and Red Shift Chain Tensioners
Smith Brothers push rods, SE Forged Rocker supports
S&S Non-roller Forged Rocker Arms 1.625 and Billet Tappet Covers
V&H Power Dual Exhaust with Kury Mellow Crusher Mufflers
HPI-58 FBW with 6.2 High Flow Injectors (Ported)
SE Heavy Breather Air Cleaner
Bandit Sportsman Superclutch
Aim/Evolution Heavy Duty Billet Clutch Basket w/ 46T sprocket & 106T ring gear
Cycle Electric Stator and Voltage Regulator
2014 SE Compensator with GMR Compensaver, Hayden Primary Chain Tensioner
Jagg Low Mount 10 Row Oil Cooler w/ K&P Stainless Steel Oil Filter
Fuel Moto Racewires compatible with Delphi adaptive knock retard with Stock Plugs
Jim's Forceflow, Dimple Magnetic Drain Plugs
True Track Front & Rear Stabilizers
Legend Air Suspension (rear) w/ Air Gauge, Progressive Monotube Kit (Front)
George’s Garage Trap Door
Baker Cruise Drive Smooth Shift Kit, Baker 30T Cruise Drive Pulley w/ Jims Mega Nut
Gates Polychain PC-139A Belt
Goodson/AV&V Beehive Spring Set (.600)
110 Heads worked by WFOLarry w/ AV&V 2.100 intake and 1.650 exhaust valves w/ Bronze Guides.
Power Vision

Other Stuff:
Bi-Xenon HID Headlights, Bright Ass LED Tailight
Cee Bailey/ Windvest/ Windshields
J&M Rokker Series Speakers, HD Boom! Audio Bass Booster
JESCustom Oil Filled Temp Gauge oil Dipstick, Performance Machine XL Renthal Grips
Custom Dynamic LED Turn Signals (F&R)
RSD Clarity Cam, Transmission and Derby Covers
Passport 8500ci Radar Detector
Harley Tour Pak Detach Kit, GA Tour Pak Relocator
VtwinGoodies Driver/Passenger Floorboard Extensions
Lyndall Gold Plus Brakes
Brawler Solo Seat, GADS LTTD

The focus of the build was performance and reliability.


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Congrats! It looks like someone did some component research and spent some serious $$$ on the best of the best!

I bet it's a Blast!

Please give some feedback on the Clutch / Primary set-up when you get some miles?

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So far the Bandit Clutch is performing very well with no slippage. I'm using the grey springs with 3 washers. The pull is about the same as stock. The Baker Smooth Drive kit is a nice mod because shifting is super smooth due to the use of linear detent technology. I used the larger "old style" double row ball bearing in the Aim/ Evo clutch basket to better handle loads from the 124.
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