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Selling my Road Glide as I need money for an upcoming house purchase! I'll buy another one, one of these days.

The bike was originally purchased at Rawhide Harley in Olathe, KS and has always been serviced there. I have ALL the original accessories (I think) including:

Road Tech Garmin GPS unit (mounts on handlebar, sound plays through stereo system). Only used once or twice, never in the rain.
Both sets of keys, including the security fobs AND the lock/unlock fob. Yes, this bike has remote locking saddlebags, tour pack, and the steering lock is controlled by it as well.
Both factory stereo headsets, brand new in box (still in the wrapper!)
The CVO ipod shuffle (has been used/has music on it, but works perfectly and has never been used for anything but on the bike)
The CVO Gold Key (never taken out of the box)
The CVO bike cover (never used, but was probably taken out of the bag once)
The saddlebag and tour pack bags - luggage bags meant to be used for trips, they fit perfectly inside the saddlebags and the tour pack.
The factory owners manual

The bike also comes with:
A 2011 Factory Service Manual
A battery trickle charger/maintainer - the bike was ALWAYS kept on the trickle charger when not being ridden!
An aftermarket Cyclepedics seat - this is a VERY comfortable seat. The original heated seat comes with the bike, as well as the original backrest and backrest bracket.
The original brake lever - an extended brake lever was installed early on.
The chrome cap for the shift lever, if you decide to take off the back shift lever and just use one lever for shifting.
The original radio antennas - shorter ones from the dealership were put on right away.
A toolkit with basic tools in a bag.
An aftermarket taillight - I put on a BrightAssLight and do NOT have the original light. Don't worry, you won't want to take this one off! Check out the website for all the cool stuff it can do. It is very bright!
The stock exhaust from a 2012 Harley - I started working on cutting this exhaust open to remove the catalytic converter and never finished. This comes with the bike so you can replace the header if you want. Right now the bike has the original header/exhaust on it
A Harley Davidson helmet in XL - flat black with the harley davidson logo on it.
American Flag/POW-MIA Flag on the back
Most (if not all) the service records!

This bike has everything! Everything works as from the factory - the heated grips, the cruise control, the power ports, etc. The saddlebags, tour pack, and front glove boxes are ALL lined from the factory.

The bike is under an extended warranty until sometime in 2018. I have the paperwork for it as well!

I have the CLEAN title in hand.

I'm in the Kansas City area. No test rides without full cash in hand, please!

PM me/Reply here if interested! Alternatively, contact me at [email protected].


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