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I bought my FLTRUSE new in '11 and knew better than to think I could just leave it alone.

When in the "Ultra" mode the bike is great for for adding the BSR and heading down the highway.

But if you're like me you sometimes want an urban bar crawler that's a little easier to maneuver on those in and around town nights.

So essentially what I have is two bikes in one.

The detachable capability is NOT a difficult job. I left the amp in the original location (under the tourpak) but had to modify the location slightly to accomodate the Corbin seat which flows further back on the fender. The only part i struggle with now is what to do with all of the extra harness lengths once i remove the tourpak. for now i just tuck and fold them under the seat. my next project will be to cut them down shorter and install Deutsch connectors at all points to alleviate the clutter. By the way, both seats are heated.

I just use the Corbin seat when I'm in the Custon mode and the original lazyboy for two-up riding with the tourpak.

Now i am trying to sell it on other forums, but that's another discussion.

So, starting with the list of things done:

detachable tour pak with antenna relocation mounts
curved license plate relocated to rear fender
Kury LED turn signals-front and rear
Kury LED stop lamp
MOCO Daymaker twin LED headlamps
Progressive monotube front shock cartridges (lowered 1 inch)
Progressive 940 rear shocks
15 inch smoked windshield
Kurychrome inner primary cover
chrome engine top motor mount link
Corbin Gunslinger seat with backrest

now for the good part:

SE Agitator air intake
SE adjustable pushrod kit
Woods TW8 cams
Cometic gaskets to increase compression.
custom head porting
SE plug wires
TTS Mastertune
Supertrapp Supermeg 2-1 with 26 discs

I did all my wrenching myself, with the service manual, except for head porting. I lef that up to a pro, Hildreth Performance.

I like the fact that I have two bikes one. Like i said, i seldom go two up, dont really like the tourpak and just favor the 'bad boy' look when its in the custom mode.


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I have the same bike as you and love what you did with it. :cool:
Have thought about it for mine as well. Just think stretched bags would finish the look but I'm too damn cheap to spend the money on them.:eek:
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