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I checked them out, they aren't open and don't appear to be running any BF sales. I don't like that they just have sizes, I don't know what size I need, 60, 65, 70, don't know. And it's all pieced together.

I'm leaning towards this Burly kit, comes with everything and is made in the USA.
Take a piece of string and run it along the length of your current cable. Use tape to hold it in place if ytou don;t have a third hand. Afterwards, measure the length. Measure the height of your current bars (stock are usually 10" or 12"). Then, add however many inches you plan on increasing with your new bars - you have your cable length. Also, some of those cable sites will tell you how long your OE cable length is from HD, and then they sell +2 or +4 etc cables. It is rather easy to determine required cable and brake line length.
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