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2011 HD Roadglide Ultra

Vivid Black, Very clean bike with 77k miles. I am the second owner, purchased the bike ~6 months old with 3k miles. A list of all the work done to the bike and when. I don't really need to sell it, and have no problem keeping it, just itching to start a new project...

Asking $12,500
Clean title, free and clear.
I am still riding, so the mileage may go up for a couple more weeks.

Nov 2012:
- Installed t-man 555c cam
- s&s adjustable pushrods
- S&S premium lifters
- timken bearing conversion
- dragos true dual head pipes
- Thundermax tuner and custom map (tuned by Dragos Bike Works in Illinois)

Sept 2014 (34,500 mi)
- Progressive Monotubes installed up front, standard height
- replaced fork seals

June 10 2015: (38,009 mi)
**Broke valve spring on front cylinder, minor piston damage, valve seat damage**
decided to do a S&S 106 kit upgrade:
- heads cleaned up, new valves and springs, etc installed by Lee's Speed Shop in Carver, MN (note: no head porting has ever been done)
-- Lee's Speed Shop
- Installed S&S 106 cylinders
- Wiseco flat top pistons
- New S&S premium limited travel lifters

July 2 2015: (39,107 mi)
(It was summertime in the midwest, gotta ride when you only get 5 months of descent weather)
- Balanced and welded crank done by PRO-PERFORMANCE INC. Elk River, MN
- New SE compensator (current model at the time, with oil deflectors)
- Baker Attitude Chain Adjuster
- New alto clutch pack ppk98+
- New bdl lockup bdp-500
-- Clutch is very smooth and never has slipped with this setup using full synthetic oil

June 17 2017 (61,143 mi)
- Replaced front and rear wheel bearings
- Replaced rear motor mount
- Clean/lube swingarm bearings

General Maintenance items:
- Oil, Primary, and Trans fluid always changed with Red-Line Big Twin 20-50 twice a year, at ~5k miles.
- spark plugs changed every spring
- Primary chain and clutch adjustments checked at every maintenance
- All general maintenance done as needed (pads, rotors, tires, fork oil, head bearing adj, etc)
- Current tires are Michelin Com II, Rear at 71,589 mi, Front at 76,032 mi

- Current mileage 77,800 (may go up as I'm still riding)

Cosmetic updates/changes:
- Painted inner fairing, engine heat deflectors, headlight bezel, instrument cluster to match vivid black
-- Removed lighter socket from fairing
-- Added usb and 1.8mm audio jack to inside left glove box
-- Added dual outlet port to inside right glove box
- Factory 47 Malo 14" Chrome 1.5 dia bars internally wired
- Polyurethane Handlebars Damper Bushings
- Magnum black pearl clutch and brake cables
- Arlen Ness grips (chrome flaking on throttle side)
- Willy G Skull collection floorboards, passenger boards, highway pegs, brake pad, shifter peg (no heal shifter, I have big feet)
- Upgraded shifter linkage with heim joints
- Alpine radio, Soundstream amp, Infinity kappa & Polk marine speakers installed
-- Alpine CDE-HD149BT
-- SoundStream PN.540D 4 channel
-- Infinity Kappa 62.11i in fairing
-- Polk Audio MM1 (Marine) Series 6.5inch
-- V-Twin Audio VTURCR (mount kit with splash guard for single din radio)
-- Biketronics BT1005X for handlebar control to work with radio
-- (Still have original radio if desired, has 1.8mm aux plug installed in rear by iron cross audio, no more cable hanging with the lighter mod to inside glove box)
- Painted gloss black Hawg Wired speaker grills (metal, not plastic)
- Harley Air wing tour pack rack
- Fairing lower quick flap magnetic doors
- Push button gas cap quick release
- Custom air horn installed into original horn cover
-- pump under left side cover by fuse panel, black air hose installed and hidden
- Saddlebag secure locking kit (replaces spring clips with secure bolt, never loose a bag again to a clip going bad or theft)

Bike is built for long term reliability, has lots of power/torq (110+tq/100+hp)
Engine fully capable to handle up to 117 kit if desired

Paint does have a few nicks from rocks over the years (will get pictures)
-- Front fender
-- Outer fairing
-- Right sadlebag, rear, lower right corner has small moon shape scratch
-- Tank has minimal wear in the normal spots
-- Saddle bad lids have minor surface marks, easily removed with a detail
-- Inner fairing has a paint run by temp/air guage (nobody has ever noticed it, but it is there)
- lower fork legs do have some pitting from sand/etc.
- When polished/waxed, the paint look flawless! (it's vivid black, keeping it flawless can be a struggle sometimes)
- Chrome exhaust shield has drug on the pavement. Can't see unless looking from the ground up. I do have pictures of this
- Bike has never been crashed, wrecked, or laid down
- Front rotors do pulse and are likely warped (seems I replace them with every set of pads), rear has no pulsing


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Nice , I C U have the custom eyeglass holder also >>>>>>>>>>
Yes, its a perfect spot for them without scratching up the lenses!

Thinking the 106 myself , how do you like it ??
I like it, I pulls hard where you want it, and has a bit thicker cylinder sidewall (vs 107) for handling the heat better. I was told that head work would really make a difference but I wanted reliability and longevity.
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