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I made a few changes to my 2011 FLTRX and am wanting to sell a few of the spare parts. All parts are plus actual shipping from zipcode 27921:

1. OEM rims, ABS, with 0 miles Front with the rotors for both ---Sold
2. Full exhaust including the het shields (150.00)
3. Vivid black OEM Front fender in vivid black no scratches (100.00)---Sold
4. Vivid black OEM rear fender with facia no scratches (150.00)----Sold
5. 103 air intake (50.00)
6. Black powder coated stock handlebars (45.00)
7. OEM fork lowers (50.00)

I also have a 2009 CVO stock header pipe with cat installed (100.00)

If the prices are way out let me know. :)
Hope someone is in need of these parts...Thanks for looking
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