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2011 RG Custom Build

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Sorry, I did not get a bunch of pics during my build but enough to show show what I started with and ended with. I did not do the work but had a shop in Lawrence, Ks perform the work (Combs Custom Cycles). Best shop around and if there are any Kansas area people here looking for a great shop that keeps customer service at the forefront - give them a shout. Build included the following:

Topshop rear fender and bags
HHI weld on neck
PM 26" wheel and single rotor (purchased thru Coastal Moto)
Voodoo rear lids with JL speakers
Hertz front speakers
Arc Moto 600w amp
Sony head unit
Custom paint and artwork
Powder coated bars
Custom extended fuel tank
SBD chin spoiler


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That came out sweet. Your face must hurt from smiling so much.

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