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Purchased bone stock from orig owner 01/12 @ 9600 miles. All upgrades and maintenance have been performed by me (aircraft mechanic,) and kept on strict schedule. Mobil 1 (10 qts go with bike) syn in engine, Formula Plus in primary, and Redline V-Twin in trans. Front tire is HD Dunlop with 4k miles, rear is Dunlop American Elite under 500 miles. Ridden solo 95% of the time. PM for any questions that haven't been explained...

The price is firm, and sorry... no joy rides.

Thx for looking!!!

103 / 6 spd with 42k miles. All the standard features of the Ultra (ABS/Security etc…) plus the following upgrades.

Power train:
• SE 254E cams (with Timken bearings)
• Ness Big Sucker a/c (orig included)
• TTS Mastertune Controller
• Jackpot headpipe (orig included)
• Rinehart 4” mufflers (originals included)
• Dyno tuned 3/12 @ Docs Performance Tuning in Mineola, Florida 90 hp/ 104 Tq (razor honed afterwards by Mr. Wizard)
• Chrome hardware installed on engine/cam cover/& trans (NOT “toppers”)
• Wards Parts Werks cooling fans
• Chrome inner primary cover (orig included)
• AMS compensator bolt lock
• Barnet Plus 1 clutch (orig included)
• Hayden primary chain adjuster
• AIM 480# spring
• Clutch Wiz
Additional upgrades:
• Quick detatch tour pac ( all orig hardware retained/included)
• Corbin solo w/ backrest, passenger pillion, & passenger backrest (orig seat included)
• Madstad adjustable 13” windshield
• Polished front forks
• Harley LED Daymaker headlights (orig included)
• HD split mirrors
• HD chrome fork wind deflector (ashtray)
• Khrome Werks stretch Heritage 1” handlebars (orig included)
• Extended clutch cable (orig included)
• Saddle bag crash bars (complete orig hardware included)
• Heel shift removed & shaft cover installed (orig included)
• 82* valve stems
• Rear HD facia & tribar light
• Rear BAL-1 tail light (orig included)
• HD layback license plate holder
• HD oil temp gauge installed
• Avion grips 9 (orig included)
• HD manual (grease smudges included)
• Front tire HD Dunlop w/ 4k miles, rear is Dunlop American Elite under 500 miles
Audio upgrades
• Stock H/K headunit (NO FM reception due to class D amp)
• Sound Stream PN4.520D amp
• Polk MM 651’s in fairing
• Biketronic 6.5 speakers in lower fairing. HD CVO lower pods painted to match (orig lower covers included)
• Iron Cross Ipod interphase (allows control from handlebar switches)
The individual who purchases this motorcycle will have first option on the following equipment:
• Gerbing heated liner, gloves, and dual controller (retails @ $500)
• Pitbull standard motorcycle lift (retails @ $469)
• Condor Pit-Stop/Trailer-Stop (retails @ $259)

These items may be included for an additional $700 and will not be sold separately until motorcycle is sold.
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