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Can you use it on the fairing and other plastics???
We have one hell of a bug problem here in South Texas, and it is year round, they really cause problems when riding at night, if the dragonflies are out , you must wear a helmet, cause you're going to get hit in the face, eyeballs, and up your nostril you see where I'm going with this, I have yet to find a way to remove bug splatter easily....would be an awesome trick if it worked!!!
Yes, Florida having a similar bug population density I've frequently had occasion to hose down the (entire) front of the bike with it in a spray bottle. Let it sit for a few (5-10) minutes, and the bugs wipe right off.

I was skeptical at first too, but then one fine Love Bug season - just before grabbing the belt sander - I decided to give it a shot. And damn if it didn't work perfectly.
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