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I had no intention of having to sell but life has thrown me a curve ball and with my loss of vision I can't keep it :(. It has been taken better care of than myself. All services have been done and it has 90 miles on the last service. It has 6653 miles on it, Sedona Orange.

I have Amsoil in all 3. I have spent $4800 above and beyond the cost of the bike on accessories. Never spent the night outside. I am offering it with everything on it and if I can't negotiate it I will strip it down and go from there. I have all the factory take parts, 2 seats, 2 covers. Any question let me know. Thanks for looking.


HD Stealth Rack
HD Back Rest
Back Rest Pad
HD Badlander Seat
HD Tour Seat re-foamed with Temperapedic Foam
HD Hardware Cover Kit
HD Flames Derby Covers
Iron Aces 2" Riser Bars
J&M 7" Speaker Upgrade
200 Watt Amp/Has not been installed
HD Saddlebag Lid Organizers
Vance Hines Exhaust Monster Rounds
PC V Tuner
K/N Filter Kit
Dyno by Cyclerama w/Report
HD Split Vision Mirrors
HD Slotted Shift Linkage
HD Streamliner Shift Pegs
HD Hwy Bar Long Brackets
HD Streamliner HWY Pegs
HD Billet Heel/Toe Shifter
Windvest Windsheild
Factory Clear Tall Windshield
Fairing mounted antenna
HD Windshield Chrome Trim
New Battery 04/2013
Misc Chrome Hardware
Arlen Ness Control Grips
HD Saddlebag Guards
Touch Up Paint/Spray
HD Seat Thumb Screw
HD Air Pump
HD Tire Pressure Gauge
HD 4 Point Docking Hdwr
Bike Stand


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It does help to add an asking price.

I ran NADA and took 50% off for the accessories. So I going to attempt to try and get $21,500 OBO. It's only a number......


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