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2011 Road Glide FLTRX - Black Denim - ABS/Cruise/Sec - Paul Yaffe 10" Bars - $18,900

Edit: Sold through Ebay pending payment.

I bought this from my local dealer at the beginning of this year with 600 miles on it. It now has roughly 5000 miles and counting...Always garage kept. I am only selling because an unexpected deal on a (special to me) car came up for sale locally and my wife and I bought it. Now, we need to sell the Glide to fund it. I will have another RG one day for sure! However, for now and until things get financially back under control, here she is:

- 5K miles, Factory Warranty until 30 Nov 2013, Garage Kept

- ABS, Cruise, Security
- HD Vented Lower Fairings
- 96" motor
- Rush slip-on pipes
- Paul Yaffe 10" OEM Monkey Bars (currently adjusted forward now but I can easily move them back if the buyer would prefer)
- Arlen Ness Deep Cut Comfort Grips
- 10" Windvest
- HD Tribal Mirrors
- HD Tribal Highway Pegs
- Front and rear crash bars plasti-dipped matte black (I plasti'd them and I'm no professional, but they look pretty good IMO. A few imperfections.)
- 1000 mile service done and steering head tightened as well. Zero wobble.
- Amsoil in motor/primary. Redline Shockproof in transmission.

When I sell stuff, I try to price it to sell. I'm new to Harley's, feel free to let me know if I am not priced to sell. I'm negotiable, but I also have no desire to absolutely give her away. A fair price for the buyer and myself is my intention. I appreciate all of the info this forum has, it truly is a great forum with great members and hopefully I'll be back one day for good! Okay, here are some pics, I'll post more pics later.

I will also consider trades of almost anything of considerably less value plus cash. Just let me know.
Thanks! Ben

I also listed it on Ebay with lots of pics:


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