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Discussion Starter #1 (Edited)'s 2011 Road Glide Ultra (originally an ultra, doesnt look like one now)


-- PM Paramount wheels (21" front and 18" back.)
-- Dual PM rotors (front)
-- Bassani 2-into-1 B4 system
-- Stage 1 (Arlen Ness Big Sucker, PC5)
-- Iron Aces Mount
-- Willy Shiny Brembo Calipers, Front Fork Legs, and spacers
-- Klock Werks Tank Console, Flush Mounted Axle
-- Buky Bars 14" Malo
-- Top Shop Rear Fender (sick rick cvo fender) and New Style Viper Bags
-- Lower Fairing
-- Blacked out engine guard, rear strut covers, 4-point docking
-- 2 6.5" Infinity Kappa speakers
-- 300x2 Rockford PBR amp
-- Danny Gray Bigseat w/backrest, pillion, and passenger detachable backrest.

Asking 26k OBO. (buyer pays shipping)

If you havent seen my bike, visit

Why am I selling it? Going to start on another project.

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i watched u build this bike from stock and i have read all your write ups on it hope u have some other rg in the works.would u sell the seat thats on it or do u want it to go with the bike?
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