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.....Hi everyone, JohnZ here. I wanted to mention this year's 2012 Chicago Toys for Tots charity ride:

***2012 Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade***

*DATE: Sunday December 2, 2012
*DIRECTIONS: Dan Ryan Woods 83rd & Western Chicago, IL, USA
*CITY / STATE: Chicago, Illinois (IL)
The Chicagoland Toys for Tots Parade will be held December 2, 2012.
-Dan Ryan Woods 83rd & Western Chicago, IL, USA
Line up starts at 6:00am
Parade begins at 9:30am

...Just wondering if any of you RG sharkers will be partaking in the ride this Sunday??? Weather is supposed to be a partly sunny & balmy 63 degrees out that day. So who's in...??? :cool:

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With that kind of weather this time of year it should be real nice, take pics. :)
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