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Good morning!

I admittedly have fallen to the inactive side of this site for some time now. Partly because I haven't done anything to the bike in a while. Now that I've decided to sell it, I thought this would be a great place to list the ad, since it's a very knowledgeable group, and I'm sure SOMEONE is lurking, looking for their first RG at a deep discount.

Price is firm at 12k, as I think that's a steal already. I have an ad up on Cycle Trader with all the details, but the formatting sucks over there, so below the link is the same text from that ad. With a list of upgrades that I've done at the bottom. Feel free to contact me through Cycle Trader, or through the PM method here with any questions or interest.

2012 Harley-Davidson ROAD GLIDE CUSTOM, Jacksonville FL - -

2012 Road Glide Custom in Big Blue Pearl (Awesome looking paint, get compliments all the time), with 30k miles on it. Well taken care of bike, I've done or had done all the maintenance as per the schedule, sometimes sooner. Taken the bike on several road trips, bike has always ran great, plenty of power, and extremely comfortable. Bought new in late 2012 off the showroom floor. Several upgrades done since then, of which there is a list below. The major upgrades are first, the lesser cosmetic ones are second. The front and rear shocks were upgraded around 4,000 miles. Made a world of difference on the rough roads, and eliminated the front end dive when braking that any large bike is known for. Also had the front forks replaced under warranty around 25,000 miles, so the front end was rebuilt and fork fluid replaced then. Please feel free to email me with any questions about any of the upgrades I have listed. A couple of them I am quite proud of, such as the custom blue backlit gauges. You won't see that one anywhere else. The stickers on the fender may not be to everyone's liking, but they will peel right off. :)

In the pictures I do not have the GPS on it's mount, but it's included (the Harley branded Zumo GPS, great unit).

Of course, garage kept (actually inside the house for a year or so, was a bachelor pad, so why not, right?), never laid down, never in an accident.

Python Rayzer Chrome Exhaust
16in LA Choppers Twin Peaks handle bars (internally wired)
Power Commander tuned by Chopper City
Sundowner seat (still have the stock one too)
Painted Inner Fairing
Security with Siren
Harley Zumo GPS w/ Iron Aces Dash Mount and power
Chrome 4 point docking hardware
14in Windvest Windshield
Aquatic AV bluetooth stereo
Rocker 5 1/4 Speakers
Progressive 440 adjustable rear shocks
Progressive Monotube Front shocks

Mean Mug Headlight bezel
Chrome Clutch/Brake Levers
Chrome Windshield Trim
Chrome turn signal visors
Chrome button fuel door release
Chrome Plug Covers
Chrome Saddle bag latches
Custom blue Gauge Lights
Inside Fairing Radio Antenna
Avon Grips
Willie G Brake Pedal
Willie G Timing cover
Willie G Air Cleaner Insert
Wille G Floor Boards
Willie G Horn Cover
Willie G Derby Cover
Willie G Shifter Pegs
Willie G Shift Linkage
Wille G Fuel Door
Willie G Chrome mirrors
Willie G Highway pegs/brackets
Willie G Axle Nut covers
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