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True statement, although I think the '13 RGC CVO's are WAY better looking than the '15 RGU CVO. I'm interested to see what HD comes up with for the '16 RGC CVO paint schemes. I think the '13 RGC CVO's had some of the most beautiful paint ever with the very best of the three being this combination right here!

I bought the Candy Orange 2013 RGC because I couldn't quite come to grips with the big $ on the new CVO's. Then this year I went into my local shop and there was a used '13 RGC CVO in the Roman Gold/Burnt Emerald that the OP is selling here and quickly traded mine in for it.

If you are on the fence about this bike let me assure you, it's FANTASTIC! I'm so glad we traded up to the CVO. We absolutely love ours and this one is a great deal. You won't be sorry.

I agree with you, I like the 2013' CVO colors and think they are some of the better colors HD has put out. I think the 2013' CVO looks better than the 15' also IMHO.

OP- sorry to troll up your add, GLWS :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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