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So I'm at 38,000 miles now and have been just about trouble free until now. About 2 weeks ago I went to set the cruise and got nothing. I noticed the speedo was reading zero and then when coming to a stop the bike died. Restarted fine but would not idle unless you held the throttle just above idle. The auto canceling signals did not work. While limping it back to my friends house to swap vechiles I decided to top off the tank just because it was lowish and figured I would eliminate some low fuel isuue. After the restart everything was back to normal. Later that night I made the hour trip home with no issues. Again while a week later after about an hour of riding the same thing happened.
I'm an aircraft mechanic by night and google mechanic by day and a quick search after the first event has me leaning toward a bad VSS. I looked over the print in the manual and that made sense. I did not get any check engine light.
I'm on the ESP still and heading out on a trip next week so I took it to dealer to see what they can do with it. I gave them a run down of what happened and mentioned my thoughts of the VSS. I got a call Friday saying after an 11 mile ride they could not duplicate the issue(which I was expecting).
I this a common enough problem that dealer should just be throwing the VSS at it? It appears this sensor has been used since the late 90s on Harley's. Any other experiences on this issue? And is this a normally stocked part at most dealers? in the event they don't want to do anything about this and I change it myself for piece of mind.
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