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2013 RG CVO Audio Upgrade HELP???

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Ok I have been through so many different posts that my eyes are ready to pop. I visited a local (Columbus, Ohio) car audio store that also sells and installs stereo equipment on motorcycles as well. It had been quite a long time since having the outer fairing removed so I wasn't sure whether the speakers were 5.25 speakers or the 5x7's. The salesman called the local HD dealer and of course they gave them the wrong damned information. They are indeed 5x7 speakers and you can't upgrade to 6.5 speakers from this particular set up without finding additional adapters. Having said that I ordered J&M Fairing speaker adapter plate kit for the road glide and I am hoping that solves this issue. Anyone else go through this issue and if so how did you fix it. I guess I am looking for the next gremlin to pop up.
The next issue I am wondering about is if there is anyone who makes a wiring harness that would connect where the existing BOOM "crap" amps connect or some kind of a harness that I don't have to completely tear the whole wiring harness apart with the wiring diagram by my side. Any help, pictures or solutions would be awesome. Just want to get to the point where I can actually hear the stereo at 70+ MPH without it cutting in and out all the time due to the inferior amplifiers used in the BOOM audio system. This has been a problem since I purchased this bike new and the dealer can't fix it and still think its in my head. Harley should have fixed this a long time ago. Spend $40,000 on a bike and then spend another $10,000 getting it run right, sound right and have a stereo that works correctly.
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Did you go to columbus car audio? Wasn't impressed with them. On my ultra from stock to hawgwired to replacing it with hertz 6.5 and micro amp.
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