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Just an FYI:

I started up the bike and a lot of the time the audio screen appears with the Warning at the top and the Accept at the bottom. I still haven't figured out why it wont stay off until I turn it on. Anyway, the screen appears with the warning and accept, but this time I cannot make it go away. If I hold down the power button it does its count down as if it is going to turn off, but it just goes right back in to the warning accept screen at the conclusion of the count down. So, I turned off the bike, turned it back on and I got the same response.

I couldn't accept via the handlebar joy stick nor would it respond to any of the button inputs on the audio control panel. I could select the button on the left handlebar for the phone. When I selected exit it went right back to the warning accept screen.

The resolution to this annoyance was to disconnect and reconnect the battery cable. Works fine now. I just want my clock. The audio is a POS! You guys knew that though.

Anyone else have this issue?
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