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2015 Amp and Speaker install *write up*

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So I have a 2015 Road Glide Special with the 6.5 infotainment. Naturally I had the same problem as everyone else, couldn't hear above 50 mph or so. Now I know the change your windscreen, seat, etc. However I'm not putting a tall windshield on my bike because I think they look stupid (my opinion). So I ordered a set of JL C5-650X component speakers, Rockford Fosgate PBR300x2 amp, Cycle sounds magic box, 50 foot spool of 14 gauge speaker wire, 10 foot {each} of 10 gauge power/ground wire, amp rack off ebay, and a hidden antenna kit from Harley. First thing is to remove the outer fairing, headlight, stock radio, stock speakers. I removed my speaker pods from the bike to make fitment of the JL speakers easier (note if you go with the JL C5's you will need to drill out the screw holes on the speaker for the Harley screws to fit through). Next I discarded the stock wiring harness that connected to the stock speakers and out to the connector. Then I ran my wires from my speakers to my crossovers then to my amp. My remote wire I tapped into the power side of the hidden antenna. The hidden antenna instructions tell you to run the wires on each side around the inside of the fairing, however, I didn't see the purpose so I left them coiled and just laid them on top of the radio (reception is just as good if not better than with the factory whip). The power and ground I ran from the amp directly to the battery following all stock wiring under the tank for a clean look. Install a 50 amp mini anl fuse in the little tray in front of the battery on the power wire side. Then just hook up your cycle sounds magic box to the amp via the interconnect cables and the speaker plugs from the magic box to the factory plug and you are good to go. I will post up some pics of my installation. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will be glad to help if I can.
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