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2015 J&M speaker in, need amp help

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Ok, I've read I don't know how many threads on this and I'm still thoroughly confused.
I put in a set of J&M speakers on my 2015 RGS and couldn't be more disappointed, no bass, tinny sound and at 70mph might as well turn the music off cause I cant hear it.
I do have an ELF 2 channel amp and the J&M rca adapter harness from a previous install on my now gone 2012 RGC.
1. Anyone sell a plug n play harness to hook up the ELF 2ch.amp to the stock HD HU?
2. Easiest (simplest) location to install the ELF amp (similar to the ARC amp) under the fairing?
3. Only doing the amp and 2 fairing speakers, will I still need to flash the HU?
4. What's the ongoing rate for the reflash? Would prefer not to.

Not looking for a monster, competition type setup, just something that'll give decent fidelity and make music listenable at 70mph.

Many thanks for your advise, tips and suggestions, appreciated!
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THE most powerful 2-channel amplifier kit J&M has ever offered @ 330w total RMS power ((165w RMS per channel X 2)) ,,,,, ,,
John ...thanks for the reply but it doesn't address my main questions. I already have an amp ELF125 which is more than enough for what I need, I had this amp on my 2012 RGC with the J&M RCA harness and 7.25 Rokkers and it was awesome.
Wondering if I can use the RCA harness on the 2015 RGS, I already have the Rokker speakers installed.
Will the reflash be needed?
Any idea how much are dealers charging for the reflash?

Thanks again
fugly ,,,,,

yes , the elf amp will work fine, WITH the correct adjustments and Harley radio FLASH like this ,,,,,,,

the J&M isolated rca input adapter will also work well with the Elf amp ,,,,,
Thanks for your time and the much needed info, much appreciated. I have a couple of dealers nearby, will check this week and see what kind of deal they offer me for the reflash, hopefully, the one I bought the scoot from and spent much of my $$ at will "cooperate".
Thanks again, John!! ...will post my results/update once everything is taken care of.
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