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2015 RGS Amp install Help...

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I have seen the fairing removal covered many times... and I know the amp is supposed to install under the head unit....and where are the speaker connections on the back of the head unit?

Also, How do you access that space under the head unit? Do I have to remove the headlight? Seems like I could unplug the head unit and unbolt it from the fairing while i do the install... but the clip for the head unit seems kind of weak and I don't want break it. please help me with a little advice. I am going to mount a Power Acoustik 1200D along with Digital Designs 6.5 CSX Series front speakers.


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I took my radio out (4 bolts holding it down)

the clip you have pictured unlocks the connection and it just pulls out after you slide the clip to the right on that arc

I also removed the headlight, it just makes things easy (4 bolts)

you'll access the speaker wire through the connection on the stock harness either with some connectors or cut and splice. I suggest the Biketronic Line Levelers with the Rushmore head units, gives you low level outputs but also more importantly, cleans up the output signal.

let me know if your still having problems, I have my fairing off right now and can snap some pics if you can't figure it out.
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Thanks.. I didnt want to risk breaking the clip. it didnt seem to want to come off easily.
I will have to figure out how that slide functions so I can remove the head unit. Ill leave the headlight on if possible.

I have the biketronics 355 unit already. if you could snap a few pics of the harness that it connects to that would help.
here you go:

Radio Harness Connector

BT355 - Front (dual connectors)
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