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2015 RGS Amp install Help...

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I have seen the fairing removal covered many times... and I know the amp is supposed to install under the head unit....and where are the speaker connections on the back of the head unit?

Also, How do you access that space under the head unit? Do I have to remove the headlight? Seems like I could unplug the head unit and unbolt it from the fairing while i do the install... but the clip for the head unit seems kind of weak and I don't want break it. please help me with a little advice. I am going to mount a Power Acoustik 1200D along with Digital Designs 6.5 CSX Series front speakers.


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Just did an amp install this past weekend. Took the head unit and headlight out, its all just as simple to put back together as it is to take apart. And taking the headlight out will give you alot more room to work with. I went with a Rockford Fosgate 2 channel Punch amp. I ended up having to run a remote wire from the cigarette lighter positive wire. Mounted the amp right to the bottom of the head unit bracket. You can drill some holes and bolt it down, buy a mounting plate, zip tie it or velcro it. Whatever you prefer and are comfortable with. The wiring goes from the head unit to the amp. Then from the amp to the speakers. If youre using a line leveler its different. I didnt use one so I cant help you there. I ran my ground back to the negative terminal on the battery as well. Others have went other places, again, its up to you and what youre comfortable with.
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