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My friend has a 2015 Road Glide Special , he put speaker lids on the saddlebags and went with Soundz Customz , Arc 600.4 amp , Focal 165KRC speakers in the fairing , Focal level III speakers in the bag along with their radio/amp bracket , spent maybe 2K , sound is amazing , loud and clear , no distortion
Sounds!... like a Nice Pkge.???
Hawg-Wired Rules!...I'd go w/2 400 watt Amps. Speakers??? I like my set-up which consists of Hawg-Wired 6.5's in the stock holes along w/Tweeter Grills from HW, Rockford Fosgate shallow mount Coaxials,in the cut - out holes aliening the Forks,and Polk 6x9's in my speaker lids, Cycle Sounds.Driven the 'Madness' is a PSC 3004 - 4-channel and a PSC - 1502 2-channel for the rear. Sounds purty good but, I know ya can always get betr! oh yeah, and a Sony Head-Unit. Freakin Roxs! all usb music streaming, 24/7.
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