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2015 RGS- Audio Upgrade

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I have a '15 Road Glide Special, I purchased RF PBR 300x2, and Hertz 6.5 HCX 165. I am only doing front fair speakers and amp. Has anyone installed the Hertz, I pulled the stock speaker and tried to fit Hertz in to see if it was an easy perfect fit, its not, The magnet on the Hertz is way bigger and hits the inside of the front fairing. Wondering if anyone has installed them and what the did to make them fit. Grind out the inside w a dremel ? Fab a ring to sit above stock placement ? Also anyone with the infinity Kappas, did you have this problem, or do they fit in the stock speaker housing ? not looking to return the Hertz, if its not too crazy to get them to fit, but not going to sacrifice quality of Hertz or Infinitys for a lower quality speaker plug and play. Any advice on how you have done this install would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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I just installed the infinity kappa 62.11i's and a soundstream amp this weekend. Speakers fit fine. I've seen where some have had an issue with the speaker grills but mine fit with no problem.
No modifications at all, the 6.5 Infinity's bolt right in ? no adapter rings, nothing ? No matter how I try these Hertz hit the inside of the Fairing, not sure I want to go grinding out random plastic vs returning the Hertz for the Infinity. Thank you
My JL C3 650's fit no problem, no mods!
Mounted the crossovers inside fairing and tweeter on the speaker ?
I wrapped the x-over in polyfil put them in the speaker enclosure & yes the tweeter mounted to the mid!
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